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Chair & Committees


All Independent Members are eligible to be Chair or Vice Chair.

The Chair of the Board:

  • Presides over proceedings and meetings of the Board
  • Ensures that the Board provides strategic oversight of the College
  • Ensures that Board discipline is maintained
  • Takes appropriate action if any governor has acted improperly.

The Chair acts as a spokesperson and ambassador for the Board outside the College.

The role also requires an effective working relationship with the Principal and other members of the Executive Team based on a clear understanding of the distinction between governance (which is the responsibility of the Board) and management (which is the responsibility of the College’s senior managers).



Two Committees that report to the full Board have their own specific responsibilities and terms of reference. 

These are:

In previous years, there have been more Committees, including:

  • Employment and Organisational Development Committee
  • Finance & Resources Committee 
  • Quality & Curriculum Committee 
  • Remuneration Committee 
  • Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee advises the Board on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Corporation’s systems of internal control and its arrangements for:

    • Risk management,
    • Control and governance processes, and
    • Securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

    Audit Committee minutes


    Employment and Organisational Development Committee

    The Employment & Organisational Business Development Committee was responsible for:

    • The framework for the pay and conditions of service of RACC’s staff
    • Overseeing development of the organisation of the College
    • RACC’s policies regarding health and safety, and equality and diversity

    Employment and Organisational Development Committee minutes


    Finance & Resources Committee

    The Finance and Resource Committee was responsible for the scrutiny of fionancial aspects of the College.

    Finance & Resources Committee minutes


    Quality and Curriculum Committee

    The Quality and Curriculum Committee was responsible for reviewing:

    • RACC’s quality strategy
    • The curriculum and its provision in the context of the educational character of RACC and its mission
    • Compliance with internal and external quality assurance regulation including self assessment and inspection
    • Rules concerning the conduct of students

    Quality and Curriculum Committee minutes


    Remuneration Committee

    The Remuneration Committee was responsible for providing a fair and effective recruitment policy of candidates to senior posts. It determines all matters of grading, pay, appraisal, discipline and suspension of all RACC's Senior Postholders.  As the Committee’s business is of a sensitive and personal nature, its proceedings are confidential.  Its terms of reference have now been incoporated into those of the Search & Governance Committee.

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