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Jazz Saxophone - Intermediate (C00231-161703)

Availability: Yes

Price: £277.00 Click here for information on help with fees

Please note:
This Course has already started, please have a look at the alternative dates below or it may be possible to join some courses after the start date.

If you're interested in joining this course email to enquire.

Weekdays/Time: Sat (11:30 to 13:30)

Started: 22/04/2017 (Number of Weeks: 13)

End Date: 22/07/2017

Tutor Approval Required? No

Course Overview:

Your course will support and further explore all aspects of your jazz saxophone playing and you will be comfortable playing some jazz standards and wish to develop in a supportive but challenging environment at a more advanced level.

The tutor scheduled to teach this course is Tony Woods.

How to Enrol:

Please enrol online through our website

Entry Requirements:

You will have experience of playing jazz saxophone in an ensemble or group and be comfortable with the technical issues of your instrument. You will understand the practical use and application of jazz theory. Level 1 literacy is an advantage as handouts will be distributed at different times to reinforce learning.

Course Content:

Your course will have a practical focus and offer you opportunities to learn and further develop your jazz saxophone skills.

Topics will include:

Examining important jazz performances, styles and jazz saxophonists
An advanced understanding of music theory for developing ideas for improvisation
Rhythmic skills and ideas
Developing a personal repertoire and a constructive practice routine
Transcription and developing aural skills
Exploring and developing the technical aspects of piano playing

The group will regularly play within the Saturday lunchtime student jam session to practically explore the pieces you have learned as a group.

Assessment Methods:

There is no formal assessment on this course although you will be able to identify individual goals and later reflect on your development. Your tutor will assess your learning and progress through the practical nature of the classes.

Additional Information:

• If you require further course information or advice & guidance that is not answered in this outline please email

Please note that whilst most of the classes in your course will be classroom based, the final session of the course may be in the form of a cross college jazz concert evening and so may not be on the same day and time of your course .

For information on course fees and how to get additional help to pay for them look at our How to Pay for Your Course section.

Bring To First Class:

Notebook, pencil and music stand if you own one.

Information Advice and Guidance:

If you are looking for assistance on a new career path, course choice or looking for further opportunities then speak to our Information Advice and Guidance team.


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