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ESOL Pre-Entry 1 (L00377-161703)

Availability: Yes

Price: £261.00 concessionary fee, £0.00 Click here for information on help with fees

Please note:
This Course has already started, please have a look at the alternative dates below or it may be possible to join some courses after the start date.

If you're interested in joining this course email to enquire.

Weekdays/Time: Mon, Wed (12:15 to 14:45)

Started: 19/04/2017 (Number of Weeks: 12)

End Date: 12/07/2017

How to APPLY for a ESOL course

Course Overview:

Our ESOL classes are for you if English is not your first language.
This class is for complete beginners who have no English skills. The lessons are friendly and you will learn how to speak, read and write simple English to take part in simple conversations in social situations. You will begin to read and write simple texts and personal information.

How to Apply for ESOL courses


  • Assess your English skills: this will take about 1 hour. You can come and do this in our Learner Resource Centre at any time during opening times.
  • Step into English 1: you will meet our teachers and plan your learning programme. Bring your Assess your English skills results with you.

    Book now Step into English 1

    You can either come into the college to book your 'Step into English' course in advance or just come along early on the same day to 'Assess your skills' before the course.
  • If you can't attend a Step into English course phone us on 020 8842 4023 or email


  • Step into English 2: you will start learning and find out all you need to know about learning at RACC, to be ready for your course

Price: prices vary, courses are free for some learners. Please ask at reception.

Entry Requirements:

Before you start this course you need to come to an interview and talk to a tutor to help you choose the right level of course. You can bring a friend or supporter along to help you with this.

Maths and English Assessments

Before your tutor interview you are also requested to take an online assessment in Maths and English at the college. This will help us ensure that the course is suitable for you and that you have the right English and maths skills to enjoy the course and succeed.

To help you, have a look at these online resources before you come to college to take the assessment.

Course Content:

The course will help you to speak and understand simple English and to communicate your needs, ideas and opinions in topics such as jobs, family, life, food, transport, entertainment, health etc.

By the end of the course you will be able to use English to do things like:

Greet others and introduce yourself
Give information about yourself
Read a timetable
Read a short story
Write a shopping list
Write appointments in a diary

Every lesson you will learn new grammar, vocabulary and practise spelling words in English. You will work from reading texts and images to help you learn new words and to help you discuss your ideas. Audio materials will be used to help you understand English by listening to different voices.

During the lesson you will be able to practise speaking and improve your pronunciation by following the teacher's model and by talking in pairs and doing role-plays with other students. You will also practise reading and writing, from simple sentences to longer texts like letters, postcards and notes.

Assessment Methods:

There is no exam for this course. If you complete the course you will be Awarded a College Certificate of Achievement in Pre-Entry Level ESOL.

Additional Information:

For information on course fees and how to get additional help to pay for them look at our How to Pay for Your Course section.

For information on course fees and how to get additional help to pay for them look at our How to Pay for Your Course section.

Bring To First Class:

Please bring a folder to keep your work in, a black or blue pen, and a lined notepad of paper.


You are expected to come to every class. You must arrive on time.

Further Study and Career Opportunities:

After this course you can continue to study on our ESOL Reading, Writing or Speaking & Listening courses at Entry Level. You can progress through the ESOL levels up to Level 2.
When you have finished your ESOL course you may want to progress into the wider programme offer at RACC including Cambridge Certificate courses, GCSE English courses and our range of vocational and leisure courses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Pay for Your Course

Information Advice and Guidance:

If you are looking for assistance on a new career path, course choice or looking for further opportunities then speak to our Information Advice and Guidance team.


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