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Equality and Diversity

Richmond Adult Community College welcomes all people regardless of their gender, age, race, marital status, language, cultural, social or religious background, and physical, sensory or intellectual difficulty, sexual orientation or HIV status.


The staff of RACC will endeavour to promote equality of opportunity and will always challenge prejudice and inequality.

All staff at the College are expected to value and celebrate the diversity brought into the College. We would be pleased to know if, at any time, we fail to meet these standards.


RACC Equality and Diversity Policy  [PDF, 201KB]


Equality and Diversity



We have designed our website to be as accessible as possible so that you can find out about our courses and what we do.

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Places of Worship

At RACC, we recognise the need on information on places of worship to our diverse range of students - we have included a map and details on locations where you can easily search and find out more information about the particular place of worship in the local area.

Click here for further information and to view a map of local places of worship.


Interfaith Calendar

You will find a link to the BBC Interfaith Calendar below with up-to-date information on major religious events.

The purpose of this calendar is to provide a usable tool that can account of the most significant religious festival dates in your long-term and short-term planning at RACC.


BBC Interfaith Calendar


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