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Portcullis Trust

The Portcullis Trust is an independent charity which raises funds for the disabled and disadvantaged and works closely with RACC.


Over the past thirty years generations of students and staff have organised fund raising events that have generated income that has gone towards student bursaries and equipment and facilities. This has included funding to support Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, an area of provision in which the college has one of the strongest and best integrated offers in the UK adult education sector.


Over the past two years the retained funds generated by these fund raising efforts have been invested in additional student bursaries (£15K) and most recently a £30K donation to ensure the new studio theatre has state of the art facilities for LLDD students.


Present fund raising activity is focused on generating income to support LLDD activities across the college curriculum and to provide funding for the Working Model project, a college initiative to provide a structured environment for LLDD students developing social and business enterprises.


Have a look at the Portcullis Trust website and see some of the fundraising events that have been held.

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