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Working Model

What is Working Model?

Working Model is an employment opportunity scheme for adults with learning disabilities and the participants spend weekly the sessions making craft kits and other products.  These are then sold under the Working Model brand which has been developed to include the “Busy Bee” logo representing the hard work and efforts of the group.

What happens in the weekly sessions?

During the sessions participants gain basic workplace skills producing quality kits and craft items.  Every few weeks we develop a new project to make in a friendly but workmanlike atmosphere.  Everyone gets involved and jobs are allocated based on the skills of the individual.  A favourite job is putting together the popular Working Model craft kits which often sell out within the first few days of going on sale. We always take a short break half way through the session but then it’s back to work!

There is one shared support worker in each session, but people with high support needs who wish to be part of the work team will need to bring their own 1:1 support if this is needed. 


How profits are made and paid

The Working Model operates a profit share scheme on sales of products which is shared equally between group members.  These profits are then paid to the partners at the end of the Working Model termly sessions.  Working in partnership with the Parkshot Gallery means that new products can be developed and made quickly in response to customer feedback and be on sale with a short turnaround.  Future plans are to expand the range of retail outlets for Working Model products and also to work closely with other college enterprise groups, such as Retail and Customer Service Skills to increase sales further.  


Interested in joining?


We are always looking for more partners to join Working Model to help in the making of products.  If you are interested in joining us please contact

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