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General Creche Information

Please read below to find out about general guidelines for children and parents using the creche.



Food and DrinkPersonnal Belongings Nappies Managing Behaviour
Illness and MedicationEmergenciesFeedbackSafeguarding

Food and Drink

Please provide your own food and drink for your child. All snacks and drinks should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

The children break for snacks at - 

11.30am, (for fruit and drinks)

Lunch is after mid-day (parent to provide)

2pm for any other snacks they have brought with them.

Please note that the crèche staff members are unable to re-heat pre-cooked food for health and safety reasons. However, bottles and jar food provided by the parents or guardian will be warmed if required.


Personal Belongings

When attending the crèche, please fold pushchairs and put in the area outside of the Creche for storage. Pushchairs must be labelled - please ask a member of staff for labels.

The crèche does not encourage children to bring toys, scooters or bikes into the crèche but will accept comforters such as a dummy, soft toy or blanket which will help a child to settle.



Nappies, sacks and wipes must be provided for children and will be changed during crèche sessions if required.


Managing Behaviour

The crèche staff will take every care in encouraging and praising good behaviour. Children are expected to play appropriately and be kind to other children.

Should a child misbehave in the crèche, the crèche staff will clearly explain that such behaviour is unwelcome.

If any child continues to misbehave the parents may be called to the crèche to resolve the situation.Physical punishment is never threatened or used inthe crèche.


Illness and Medication

If, in the opinion of a staff member, a child appears to be unwell, they will not be admitted into the crèche. 

If a child is unwell with sickness and diarrhoea, they should not return to the crèche for 48 hours or until normal bowel habits have returned and/or vomiting has stopped.

In cases where the illness appears to be minor, such as a slight cold or cough, a child will be admitted, however any medication will need to be administered by the parent or guardian.

Please note that crèche staff are unable to apply sun cream. Sun cream must be applied to children by parents. There are spare sun hats available, but parents should not rely upon there being a spare hat for their child.



In the event of an emergency, the crèche staff will call the emergency contact provided on the enrolment form to advise the parent or guardian ofany incident. The emergency services will also be contacted.



A feedback card should be used to comment on our services, give a compliment or put forward a suggestion.

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