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Bursary application process

Who is the bursary fund here to help?

The fund is limited and is available to assist those learners who are in difficult financial circumstances and who have a low household income.

The bursary is not a loan from the college and therefore does not require repayment. 


Ideally you should meet the following criteria:

  1. Your total household is below £23,000 a year
  2. You are applying for a place on a course of more than 10 weeks in length
How to Apply

How do I get an application form?

  1. Go to reception at Parkshot where a member of our enrolments team will be able to assist in completing the form.
  2. Ask for a copy of the form in the post by emailing
Guidance for completing the Application Form

Please ensure you-

  1. Complete the form fully so that we can properly consider your application.
  2. Supply a copy of the Required Documents as we are not able to consider any applications without these documents.
    • Please only provide originals if bringing your application in person.  We can make copies of your documents for you at Reception.
Required Documents
  • Council Tax bill for the current year (Issued in March/April each year).
  • All bank account statements for all household members over the age of 18 for the 3 month period before enrolment
  • last 3 months’ salary slips (if applicable).
  • Proof of any household income will be required – any cash income will need to be supported by corresponding receipts.
  • If in receipt of state benefits please supply the latest benefit letter(dated within 3 months) which confirms the amount being received
Completed Forms

On completion of your application form return it either by -

  • Coming in person to our Reception area
  • Sending it by post to: RACC College Bursary Team, Parkshot, Richmond Upon Thames, TW9 2RE
  • E-mailing to

* Please allow 2 weeks before the course starts for your application to be considered.

Your bursary application form and evidence will be forwarded to the relevant person for approval. This process may take up to a week.

What happens to the information I provide?

If your application is successful we will need to keep any information you provide with your enrollment form.  These documents are regularly reviewed by auditors who check to make sure that the funds the government have provided to the College are administered and provided to learners who meet the agreed criteria.

If your application is not successful we can either return it to you or we are able to provide a service to securely dispose of the application and related documents, we will contact you to agree which means you would prefer.

What happens next?

The bursary team reviews the documents provided and checks to make sure that the learners who apply are eligible. If approved, the agreed College criteria are used to decide what level of bursary will be awarded to a learner.

If successful the learner will be notified by email of the details/amount that will be paid and any conditions which will affect payment.

If an application is not successful, then the applicant will be emailed either to be asked to supply further evidence or the College will explain why the application could not be processed. 

Are there any reasons why a bursary may not be considered?
  • the course is less than 10 weeks
  • the course has already started or is already full
  • if you are already enrolled on the course 
  • if the course is a leisure course or is not a funded course
  • if you do not provide full evidence of your financial circumstances
  • if your course is eligible for Advanced Learner loans

In the event that a learner or their guardian wishes to appeal against a refusal by the bursary team to approve an application, they should write to the College Registrar, providing their grounds for appeal within 10 days of receipt of the notification of the outcome of their application. 

The Registrar will carry out an independent evaluation of the application and will respond in writing within 10 days.

Appeals against the content of this procedure are not accepted and there is no further right of appeal.

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