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Power Luncheon (play)

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Friday, May 19, 2017
RACC, Parkshot, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 2RE
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The School of Ideas presents, in association with the Entire Theatre Company, presents Power Luncheon, a play about Winston Churchill.  Pre-purchase tickets here.


The Entire Theatre Company presents a performed reading of the new play Power Luncheon, which imagines the war time relationship of Winston Churchill and King George VI.

Churchill and George between them satisfy all three of Shakespeare's paths to greatness: being born great, achieving greatness and having greatness thrust upon them. Both born into backgrounds of exceptional privilege and influence, one by personal ambition achieving the position of prime minister and war leader, the other by the vagaries of circumstance being forced into the position of monarch.

As prime minister and sovereign, they met weekly to discuss the affairs of state. These meetings took the form of luncheons, held in private behind closed doors.

Playwright Wally Sewell was initially inspired to write the play after hearing Churchill's daughter, Lady Soames, effectively accusing her father of lèse-majesté for planning to lead his troops in person onto the Normandy beaches – a plan that King George personally put a stop to. It got the writer wondering how interpersonal politics might have leaked onto the stage of world politics and how individuals who find themselves playing great historical roles might nonetheless still be guided by the emotional needs of the child that has never fully left the nursery.

The play imagines two of their luncheons, the first set in 1940, the second in 1945


Doors and bar open from 7pm.  Pre-purchase tickets here.

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