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RACC Student Admissions Policy

The RACC mission statement:

“To enable adults to unlock their talent and fulfil their potential through learning, skills and enterprise”

Policy description

This policy applies to all applicants that are studying or intend to study with RACC and/or its partners. The purpose is to:

• Protect the interests of all applicants

• Enable staff to effectively manage student admissions

• Provide clear and transparent information on the selection process

• Support the College strategic plan by welcoming and supporting the admissions of all learner groups

• Help all learners to progress

The Learner Services Manager is responsible for ensuring this policy is followed correctly, consistently and fairly for all applicants, and to ensure the College is complaint with the Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding, Data Protection and Health and Safety legislation.

Link to other College policies:

Information Advice and Guidance

Equality and Diversity

Health and Safety


Fitness to Study / At Risk

Fees; Refunds, Transfers and Credits


RACC aims to provide an embedded and personalised service that supports young people, adults and employers to make well-informed decisions on their learning and career choice.

The Aims of the admissions policy are:

• To provide appropriate information, advice and guidance to all applicants, enable them to make an informed choice of the most suitable course/s.

• To provide full information about the course/s, including any fees, bursaries, student loans and/or additional costs, methods of assessment, special equipment and materials needed.

• To provide appropriate support for students with disabilities, including learning difficulties, to enable them to access relevant information, advice and guidance.

• To carry out initial assessment to help identify the most suitable course/s, to meet individual needs and career aspirations.

• To ensure all students are enrolled on the most appropriate course/s taking into account previous qualifications and experience.

• To identify appropriate additional support for individuals to help them succeed on their course/s.

• To provide a prompt and effective service, effectively communicating with all potential students.


Entry Requirements for Qualifications / Funded Courses:

Applicants must:

• Satisfy pre-course requirements listed on the course outline found on our College website; including completing an online Application form and English and Maths screening.

• Meet the entry requirements for the course/s by having appropriate previous qualification/s if required as listed on the course outline.

• Attend a tutor interview and bring all relevant qualifications and papers necessary for this interview.

Steps to gain approval for a course/s:

• Complete an Application Form online via the course outline

• Take a Maths and English Screening

• Attend a course interview conducted by a Head of School / Programme Leader or Tutor

Places will be offered on the basis of:

• The applicant is suitable for the course i.e. meets all the entry requirements, fitness to study and is accepted at the tutor interview stage

• The availability of places on the course


Applicants that do not fully meet the entry requirements for a particular course may be offered a place subject to specific conditions or maybe offered a different course/s that better suits their level and needs and this will be determined at the tutor interview stage.


Places on course/s are not guaranteed until a student is fully enrolled and appropriate fees have been paid either by the student or the student loan.


The offer of a place doesn’t guarantee that course will run as courses are dependent on a minimum number of student enrolments

Documents kept by the College

Maths and English assessment results

Completed Application Form

Copies of previous qualifications

Completed Interview Record Form

Unsuccessful applicants

Applicants that do not meet the course entry requirements maybe be offered a more suitable course/s for their needs and level and/or also directed to the Information and Advice team to get impartial information and advice.

Right to refuse an application

Under certain circumstances the College may reserve the right to refuse an application or enrolment. Applications that could fall into this category:


  • Applicant has a history of poor attendance or punctuality from prior courses at RACC or elsewhere
  • Applicant has in the past been subject to the College disciplinary procedure and has not followed the recommendations of the disciplinary
  • Applicant has outstanding debts with the College
  • Applicant has provides false or misleading information on an Application or Enrolment Form


Enrolment information required for a student to enrol

Complete the College Enrolment form in full.

Students are required to provide for enrolment a photo ID, either their passport or driving license and their visa status (if applicable).


The enrolment form has the following sections:

Section 1: Personal Details – Photo ID and national insurance number

Section 2: Residency Status – Visa status and passport

Section 3: Courses Details - Approved by Head of School, Programme Leader or Tutor

Section 4: Payment of Fees - Payment options available/ payment methods: including 24 Plus Student Loan, bursaries, hardship application and paying by instalments

Section 5: Equality and Diversity – Ethnic Origin, disabilities, learning difficulties and health problems

Section 6: Prior Attainment – Previous qualifications

Section 7: Employment Status Information

Section 8: Household Income – Low income evidence

Section 9: Fee Status (if applicable)

Section 10: How We Use Your Personal Data

Section 11: How Did You Find Out About The College? (Optional)

Non qualification/Leisure courses

There are no entry requirements and learners need to ensure the course is right for them prior to enrolling.

Student Learning Agreement

Applicants must sign the Enrolment Form and by doing this they agree with the college Refunds, Transfers and Credits policy, information advice and guidance received and confirm that all parts of the information given on the enrolment form are correct.

All information collected will be subject to the regulations of the Data Protection and Government Funding requirements. If students enrol on a different course in the same academic year and if their details have not changed they will not be required to complete an Enrolment Form in full.


Should an applicant dispute a decision not to admit them on to a course they may appeal to the Learning Services Manager in writing within 5 days of the receipt of their decision at the interview stage by the Head of School, Programme Leader or Tutor. The original decision will be reconsidered if the College Admissions Policy or/a relevant policy was not followed and/or the applicant provides evidence that was not relevant/available earlier in the admissions process.


15th October 2015

Learning Services Manager

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