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You Said We Did

In March 2015 you said and we did the following -



You told us that you were concerned about security and open access to the college building.  


We have upgraded our CCTV to 36 cameras to ensure the safety of all learners and staff. All entrances are monitored throughout the day, and police liaison officers and Ofsted inspectors have recognised the College as a safe environment.

You noted that there was a shortage of tables and chairs, and that a clock was needed in the new café area.


We have now added extra chairs and set additional tables and chairs outside, so our learners can enjoy their food and refreshments outside now that the weather is improving. Also, a clock is now in the Link area as suggested. 

You noted that the kitchen needed extra equipment, storage space, and additional cleaning.


We have added two new cookers and extra shelving and cupboards to the kitchen. The College has also secured a new cleaning contract, which should lead to improvements in the cleaning regime. 

You felt that the breaks for LLDD courses were too long, and that morning break could be shorter.


Our LLDD coordinator has reminded tutors and Learning Support Workers that breaks are 20 minutes long and lunch runs for 45 minutes, and these times should be strictly adhered to.

You noted that technical problems delayed classes and that the computers needed to be upgraded.


All the tutor PC’s in every classroom have been upgraded to solid state disks to improve the performance. The projector remotes have been secured in classrooms so they cannot go missing and delay setting up each class. A capital bid has also been put forward to refresh all our PC workstations in 2016. 

You felt that the classroom speakers had poor sound.


We have installed improved studio grade monitors into all language classrooms to provide better quality audio and more volume.

You thought that, being only 5 weeks long, the Ceramics courses could be longer to allow sufficient time for you to finish off your projects. 


The shorter courses were intended to attract more beginners, but because of your interest in longer courses, we have changed the courses planned for the 2015/16 academic year to ten weeks. 

You wanted progression courses for Painting & Drawing Level 1.


We are planning to run a Level 2 in Painting and Drawing in September 2015, as a progression from Level 1 courses.


You asked for email notifications for your courses, including required materials, and contact and course details.


We are monitoring our course outlines to ensure that they consistently include important details, such as contact email addresses for the School and lists of resources required. We are also looking into the viability of standardised emails.

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